The order from the Clifford Chance law firm presented us with a challenge. The customer wanted presentational interiors which underscored their international reach while tackling all the surprises that an old building in the very heart of Prague had in store. Precisely processed wood dominates the interior. The unorthodox staircase is an intriguing element, fluidly transitioning to a library where wood and mirror walls with flowers enlarged a rather dark corner of an old building, making it cosy in the process.

For coffee points, we made our first use of HPL boards by Organoid, created using a combination of natural materials such as flowers, grass stems and seeds. The surface of the boards is not polished, displaying the various materials compressed within, further enhancing their natural appearance. In addition, the boards retain their original scent for up to five years. The customer’s final decision was choosing between vanilla and coffee. Vanilla ultimately won, so these scented boards now form the rear part of the tea kitchens.